Local Food & Drink


Our Favorite Restaurants - Only Ones We Recommend:


  1. Cobalt (Under the Pass Bridge - both food & view! Often live entertainment)
  2. Big Fish Grill (On Canal Rd. - food & embiance! Takes reservations - GREAT SEAFOOD)
  3. Sea N Suds - (ONLY truly beachfront restaurant in GS, great inexpensive fried seafood and get a drink overlooking waves while you wait on your table. Has salad bar and great raw oysters, + all-u-can-eat Mullet on Fridays!)
  4. LuLu's (On Intracoastal - laid-back, good food & always festive - get on waiting list online b/c always busy) I get a lot of push-back when I say LuLu's but the crab-toast & shrimp quesadilla are awesome & ALWAYS live music - it's just a super-fun, scenic, lot's to do, beachy vibe place...

Honorable Mentions:

  • Gulf Shores Steamer (Confusingly in Orange Beach - laid-back, get the royal reds, best on the coast!)
  • Acme Oyster House (Great oysters, and cajun fare)
  • Flora Bama Yacht Club (Great Coconut Shrimp + has beach stage (on Ole River) often w/live entertainment)
  • Kosmo's - (Great food, laid back & pet friendly)
  • Ginny Lane's - (Great food, mostly italian, laid-back and waterfront at the Wharf where's there's a ton to do)


  • Sea N Suds - (Walk there on Beach from Colonnades! ...and walk back home after dinner toes in the waves under the moon)
  • Doc's Seafood - Steakhouse (When EVERYONE is SLAMMED, get Doc's TO-GO, they run it like a well-oiled machine, the food's good, and it's less than 5-minute drive away. Good fried seafood)
  • Hooter's - hey, it's close!! (Also a GREAT CALL-IN SPOT, recommend the Buffalo Wings and the Daytona/Grilled Wings). Walking distance or short drive away (See the "smallest hooters restaurant in the world, across the street from the beach)
  • The Hangout - super fun, and often has live entertainment. Almost a mile beach-walkable from Colonnades - very festive, fun, and good food. They have a sand pit, servers often dance on tables, and outdoor stage with dancing area for live entertainment.
  • Lartigue's - Peel Your Own Shrimp, Crawfish, etc. - be forewarned it's NOT ACTUALLY A RESTAURANT - buuuutttt... If you want something different, it's a place where you can AVOID THE CROWDS - literally buy ANY type seafood imaginable (fresh fish/shrimp/crawfish/crabs + many frozen items, dips and sauces), and they'll steam or warm it for you there & you can utilize a neat all-outdoor seating area outside, even pet friendly with music playing - has peeling tables, hose to rinse fingers after, etc. Also GREAT PLACE for when EVERYWHER ELSE IS SLAM-FULL.


  • LuLu's (Free sand playground, arcade and ropes course + views of boats & barges going by your table, on intracoastal canal)
  • Hangout (Sand playground with tubes to crawl-thru, sometimes hoppy-machines, and sometimes bubble-machines! Always loud with music and interactive + panoramic beachfront views across the parking lot)